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How to order

You can rent an auto in our stores: 30 "A" Babushkina str. (Geological station).

You can arrange a rental car at the airport or any other place, but in order not to loose time, it is better to send a copy of your documents in advance and get the car just in time at the designated place.

Payment is available by all possible ways, including credit card upon receipt.

In order to arrange a long-term lease of an auto without a driver, you must not come in our office personally.

It is enough to call by phone:
+7 (3012) 555-007 or +7 (3012) 555-003
or make a request with the help of web-site. Our managers will gladly answer any questions you are interested in.

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Auto rent

We offer auto rent especially for you in case if coming to Ulan-Ude on a business trip, vacation or any other purpose, you do not want to loose freedom of movement. It is not necessary to come to our office personally to rent an auto.

We think about your comfort, that is why we are ready to send an auto to the airport, train station or any other place. For this, you must contact with the managers in advance and send electronic variants of documents. Payment is made upon the fact of performing the service in any convenient for you way.

In our park there are sedans and city SUVs of premium class. All autos undergo constant technical inspections and dry cleaning of the salon. Therefore, a trip by means of our machines will be pleasurable for you and allow you to do your own business without any interference. You can rent a car with a driver for your own convenience.


  • cash
  • checking account
  • bank card


If rent period is more than 5 days, car supply inside Ulan-Ude, but outside of the rental office is for FREE (only in daytime 7:00 - 19:00)

  • Renter’s step-by-step guide

    1. Сontact us and specify the availability of the necessary class or model of an auto, rental period, cost.

    2. Come to our office with the documents or call for an extra charge shipping at a convenient place for you.

    3. We inspect the car together.

    4. We sign a number of documents:
    - a lease contract for a motor vehicle without a crew;
    - an acceptance-transfer certificate is drawn up, in which the technical condition of an auto is fixed for the moment of transfer to the client;
    - instruction in cases of emergency situations;
    - the act is accompanied by a sheet with photos of the car at the moment of delivery to the client;
    - an annex with a text, a special sheet with stipulated fines for violation of the clauses of the agreement

    Note: We recommend you to send copies of your documents to, or send them by fax (3012) 555-007 to shorten terms of registration of documents

  • Required documents

    For private entity
    1. RF passport, RF permanent registe
    2. driving license

    Requirements for a renter:
    * minimum age - 25 years old,
    * driving experience – not less 5 years.

    In the process of handling information and checking the documents provided by the potential renter, the firm has the right to refuse to issue an auto without explaining the reasons.

    Documents for legal entities
    1. Company details
    2. Power of Attorney for the right to sign rent agreements and acts of acceptance of the transfer of the boat and the relevant documents
    3. Passport of the authorized representative
    5. Certificate of registration of a legal entity for registration with the tax inspection (TIN) - copy
    6. Certification (IGN) - copy

  • Rent period

    1. The beginning of rent of the car is considered as the moment of signing an auto acceptance and transfer certificate.

    2. Hourly pay for delayed delivery of an auto is150 rub per hour. The delay of an auto from 6 to 24 hours is paid as the next day of the rent.

    3. Minimal rent period — 1 day (24 hours) from the moment of signing an auto acceptance and transfer certificate.

    4. In case if the loaner has not been notified, the delay of the car for a day is paid at a double rate.

  • Rent payment

    100% advanced payment for the entire rent period of an auto, upon return before the deadline, recalculation is made based on the actual time of use of an auto. At the same time, there is a recalculation of rent payments without previously granted discounts (discounts are canceled).

    Payment includes: MTPL insurance, hull insurance (hijacking + damage), maintenance, daily mileage of 200 km. Excess of daily mileage is additionally paid 1 km - 6 rub.

    2. Any form of payment (bank transfer, plastic cards, cash)

  • Exploitation space

    You can travel around Ulan-Ude and the Republic of Buryatia using our autos. But we warn you that for traveling to certain regions of the Republic of Buryatia (Barguzinsky (hereafter Goryachinsk), Kurumkansky, Tunkinsky, Okinsky, Muysky, Eravnensky, Dzhidinsky), and in the countries of the former CIS and further afield - the renter is obliged to agree this route, and the loaner can refuse to travel to these areas.

    If you agreed with us in writing form and increase the security deposit up to 50% of the market value of the car, you can move around the whole territory of Russia.

  • Security deposit

    The renter makes a security deposit (pledge), an amount of which depends on mark and model of the selected car and other conditions. The pledge is a guarantee of the renter's compliance with the terms of the contract and it is returned after the car is returned in its original condition and within the agreed period. In case of violation of the terms of the contract by the renter, the pledge is not returned.

  • Insurance

    1. All cars are insured on the terms of compulsory third party liability insurance (MTPL) and on the terms of risks of hijacking + damage (kasko) with a franchise equal to the amount of the Car Insurance.

    In case of breaking down the terms of the contract, the renter bears full financial responsibility for the damage caused to the company, including the full cost of the repair and spare parts, as well as the reimbursement of third party claims.

    2. The renter compensates full material damage to the loaner and third parties (the amount of the pledge in these cases is not refunded and is not credited to the cost of repairs), if:

    - the car was driven by a person not specified in the contract;
    - the car was hijacked with documents and keys.
    - the renter or the persons specified in clause 1.1. of the present contract, were in a state of alcoholic, narcotic intoxication or other intoxication at the time of the accident;
    - the damage was caused due to the intent of the renter;
    - the accident occurred due to violation of fire safety rules (transportation and storage of flammable substances);
    - the car was used for off-road driving;
    - the car was used for driving instruction for another person or as a taxi at the moment of the accident;
    - the suspension bracket or interior are damaged;

  • Refueling and car washing

    1. An auto is provided with a full tank. If returning an auto with an incomplete tank, the renter is obliged to pay the cost of missing gasoline, at the rate of one division on the fuel gauge device -5 l.

    2. An auto is provided clean. In case of returning auto dirty, the renter should pay washing in accordance with the established tariffs. If an auto is returned in a dirty condition, which makes it impossible to visually inspect for damage to the car, the return of the pledge and the signing of the vehicle acceptance / transfer certificate are made after washing the body and cleaning the cabin (no later than 2 hours) from the moment when an auto was returned by the renter.

If you have any additional questions
call +7 (3012) 299-999

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