Transport company «Automayak»
— On the right track!

"Automayak" is one of the oldest transport companies in Ulan-Ude, which professionally engaged in corporate passenger transportation. Since the beginning of the 2000s, we were the first in the city to start using in our work official calculations and taximeters. Up to the present day, every, even the most demanding accounting department will remain content reports and documents that we provide on the basis of cooperation. Many private and public organizations have already appreciated this opportunity and have been using our services for a long time.

But, of course, the financial transparency and the officiality of our work are not the only dignities of "Automayak". There are cars of all classes in our truck fleet - starting from the latest representative cars to trucks and special equipment. We work only with the most trusted and responsible drivers. We have extensive experience in carrying out the most difficult and large-scale transport tasks (for example, maintenance of all major political forums taking place in Ulan-Ude).

Each client, whether a large company or a small firm, will receive a range of services that will fully meet his/her interests and needs.

• taxi per meter
• competitive prices
• car supply within 15-30 minutes
• operational order execution
• a wide range of additional services
• possibility to supply several cars at the same time
• only new foreign cars
• professional drivers

Our achievements

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