Passenger taxi

Passenger taxi

One of the most requested transport services in the world is passenger transportation. Every day millions of people move in all directions. Nowadays passengers move by four main kinds of transport: sea, rail, road and air. Due to comfort, economy and mobility, the most popular is road transport. Hardly every modern family has its own car. However, it is not always possible to drive yourself. For example, in large cities, such as Ulan-Ude, the density of automobile flows is extremely high, the road map is very complicated, so even an experienced driver does not always risk to drive. Moreover, not everyone has driving skills and a driving license.

Being the leader of transport service market, our company provides a wide range of services for both private and corporate users. We are pleased to offer you the most comfortable and safe passenger transportation in Ulan Ude. Alongside a huge fleet of passenger cars, our company's fleet includes marine and air transport. As for these types of vehicles, the passenger can take advantage of services of our professionals or take the place of a navigator himself. To do this, you must have permission to manage this type of vehicle. When ordering a transportation service, a passenger can choose a car with a driver or hire a modern car.

We strictly monitor technical condition of each car. Premium autos constitute the biggest part of all park. A trip on such a car will be a real pleasure for you. And connoisseurs will appreciate the luxury salons and the perfect technical state. If a passenger orders this service in our company, he can be sure that he will reach the place in the exact time.

Tariff (Standart class auto)

Rub./km Stop (Rub./min) Note
Standart - 100» 17,0 3,0

The minimum cost of an application is 100.00 rub. (2 km inclusive, each subsequent km - 17.00 rub.)

Waiting for 10 minutes is free, every subsequent minute according to the parking rate.

Application refuse - 100 rub.

Single trip to the city
Return trip outside the city

The calculation is in accordance with indications of the program Taxi Master.

A trip along the Barguzinsky route in one direction
A trip along the Barguzinsky route in both directions
A trip from the village Ust-Barguzin (up to the point of Ust-Barguzin the cost of the trip is calculated according to the tariffs indicated above)


Auto with a driver rent — 350 rub per hour

Only along the city, no more than 17 km, each subsequent km. - 17,0 rub. The first hour is not divided. Starting from the second hour, it is divided to 1/2

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