Medical taxi


Please note that when carrying out the application, the carrier is not responsible for the condition of the patient!

The minimum fare is 400 rub (up to 4 km). Each subsequent km is 100 rub. The calculation is carried out by the program with rounding up to a meter. When applying for more than 10 km, each subsequent km - 50 rub. This tariff is valid for applications up to 30 km. The calculation of the application for more than 30 km is negotiated individually.

Travel includes:
- getting patients near the vehicle;
- transportation up to the entrance or hospital;

Additionally, if necessary - loaders' services:
- the number of loaders is determined in advance when applying, depending on the diagnosis of the patient (transfer of the patient on hard or soft stretchers), the weight of the patient, the number of floors;
- 1 loader cost - 300 rub. The amount includes rising up to the 3rd floors inclusive, each subsequent floor + 50 rub, regardless of the number of loaders.

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