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Unforgettable views of Buryatia, mystery of shamanic bowls, and a unique delicacy await for guests of boat tour of Selenga. Coming to Buryatia, many guests seek for a tour to Baikal, and, of course, knowingly. After all, the Sacred Baikal is the greatest asset, the pearl of our planet. However, almost every corner of Buryatia can be named unique. The river Selenga is also considered sacred among the local residents. If you go not along the river bank, but along the river itself, you will see hundreds of unforgettable species, feel the breath of wind on your face, and you will feel yourself a real traveler.

You will be met in Ulan-Ude. An experienced "old salt", who is also a boat driver, will seat you in places, and then, after making sure that you are ready to travel, will bounce off an engine. You will sail to the local legend - the regal Lev-Gora. Along the way, you can enjoy with unforgettable views: blue mountains on the horizon, yellow "plush" hills, emerald green grass near the river.

After this, you will see in all its glory the very Lev-Gora. It is called so because of its bizarre shape. When you look at it from afar, it seems that the giant lion lay down to sleep on the shore of the silver Selenga. The guide will tell you that this land is inhabitant for 250 years by Old Believers, "descendants of Old Believers residing in the Trans-Baikal region", who have not lost their traditions, dialect, customs for many centuries.

Then you will be guided by an excursion to one of the most mysterious phenomena in Buryatia. Trip to the shamanic stone bowls. They are at the very top of the Lev-Gora. These are two grooves in the stone, which are very similar to the two bowls. It is a bowl of fire and a bowl of water. The bowls are on one level. But in one of them, even on the hottest day, there is always transparent water at the very bottom. And the second bowl is always absolutely dry. Why this happens so is a mystery for many people. But, maybe your guide will be able to open the veil of secrecy...

And when, impressed with stories and views, you will go down; you will be waited by a pleasant and very tasty surprise. A real delicacy omul, cooked on the pole. Ask anyone who has been here before, and you will receive a reply that you have not tried any fish tastier than this one. Tender, white, fragrant omul meat simply melts in the mouth. Eat well, listen to stories about local customs, and ask questions. Very soon you will go back. And although the trip itself lasts 3 hours, they will seem you one minute, and will be remembered by some of the most unforgettable moments in life.


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