2 - 3 seats

1. Hire charges

Item 1 day (rub)
"Dolphin 21" Boat - 2-seater 500
"Selenga 31" Boat - 3-seater 600

The cost of renting of a boat includes: boat, rope, paddles, foot pump


Item (for one item) Cost (rub)
"Dolphin 21" Boat - 2-seater 15000
"Selenga 31" Boat - 3-seater 20000


1. You contact us and clarify the availability of boats and other equipment, rental period, cost.

2. Come with the documents to our office.

3. Together we inspect the boat, other equipment.

4. We sign a number of documents:
- rental contract;
- an acceptance-transfer certificate is drawn up, in which the condition of the equipment, which is available at the time of the damage transfer, is fixed, photographs of the boats are made;

5. For the period of the rent 2 documents are provided.

Note: to shorten the processing time, we recommend you to send copies of your documents to avtomayak2006@mail.ru, or send it by fax (3012) 555-007.


Requirements for a renter:

1. Minimum age is 20 years,

2. We can draw only one boat for one document.

3. Equipment that is taken for hire can be used only for personal purposes and directly for its direct purpose;

4. In case of mechanical damage of the equipment, the cost of repairs and spare parts is deducted from the mortgage, which is calculated by a specialized workshop. In case of theft, loss, constructive destruction of equipment, the renter is obliged to compensate the damage in the amount of its full cost.

5. The loaner shall not be liable for damage caused to life, health, property of the renter and third parties at the time of using the rent equipment.

6. In the process of processing information and verifying the documents provided by the potential renter, the company has a right to refuse to issue the equipment without explaining the reasons.


1. In case of late return of equipment, the renter pays the rent for the entire time of delay. In case of necessity to extend the rent period of equipment, as well as other issues, the renter can solve by phone at the office.

2. Hourly payment for delayed delivery of equipment - 200 rub per hour. The delay of the equipment from 4 to 24 hours is paid as the next day of the rent.

3. If the loaner has not been notified, the delay of the equipment for a day is paid at a double rate.


1. 100% advanced payment for the entire rent period of the boat or other equipment, upon return before the deadline, recalculation is made based on the actual time of use of the boat. At the same time, there is a recalculation of rent payments without previously granted discounts (discounts are canceled)

2. Any form of payment (bank transfer, plastic cards, cash)


1. The boat is provided in its pure form. In case if the boat is returned dirty, the renter must pay for washing in accordance with the established tariffs. If the boat is returned in a dirty condition, which makes it impossible to inspect for damage to the boat visually, the return of the pledge and the signing of the acceptance certificate of the boat are made after washing (no later than 2 hours) from the time the boat is returned by the renter.

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